Central Document Repository

(ASP based Document Management System developed for UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (UNDP), PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA)

This system manages Department wise, User wise and event wise documents uploaded by users on central server.

Comprehensive document searches included in the system.

  Ship Materials Management System

(ASP.Net based System to manage Material Onboard all Ships and Submarines commissioned with Indian Navy through comprehensive Business Process management)

This system manages materials onboard ships which is managed through a ship based server where material demands are being generated and which is synced to the Command Server through an automated utility when ship anchors at the command port.

There are well laid Business Processes to procure, Stock and Consume inventories onboard ships at Indian Navy. These business processes have been digitized and have been incorporated in this system.

Authentication of each transactions happens at various levels and digital document moves are controlled through well-defined ‘Authority Norms’ and ‘Item Based Consumption Patterns’

  Production Management System

(ASP based System to manage Repair status management of machinery, enhanced and maintained for TELEPLAN INC. USA)

This system tracks a machinery or component on the repair line and make Relevant information available to the users. Comprehensive MIS is built at Every level of operation.

  Reserve Rewards Management System

(ASP based rewards management system developed and being maintained FOR INTERCONTINENTAL PARKROYAL, NEW DELHI)

This system manages the points earned and redeemed by the member bookers who give business to Hotel. Complete details of their guest visits point’s redemption and current points’ status is maintained by the system.

  Training Management System

(ASP based Corporate trainings management system developed and being maintained FOR INTERCONTINENTAL PARKROYAL NEW DELHI

This system offers user to create trainings based on training needs arising on daily basis. Maintain Training Calendar, Do Performance appraisal etc.

  Guest Feedback Management System

(ASP based Guest Feedback management system developed and being maintained FOR INTERCONTINENTAL PARKROYAL NEW DELHI

This system helps Guest Relations department to feed comments and complaints of guests and are then channeled to concerned departments through mails by the system. Department feed their comments and follow-up plans.

MIS is generated for the management.

  Product Catalogue Management

(ASP based Product Cataloging system developed and being maintained FOR MEDED INDIA, NEW DELHI and NETHERLANDS

This system manages complete product details, Vendor details from where it is sourced, Brand details, brochure images and its location if product Catalogues are available at multiple locations.

Catalogues can be numbered and searched through a comprehensive search available in the system. The Catalogue details can be downloaded and mailed directly from the web server to the recipients.