Swift Clock-in

An efficient time tracking and scheduling tool that saves a lot of time especially designed for Law Firms, Chartered Accountant Firms and Consulting Firms.

Here's why CLOCK-IN is a wonderful time tracking tool for you:

  No More Manual Work or Handwritten Time Cards. Review employee timesheets, and quickly approve them.

  Time Tracked Accurately in a well segregated Billable and Non Billable hours.

  View Time Sheet on Calendar. One click time feeding with detailed information in dropdowns

  Color Coding to differentiate Billable/Non Billable, Approved and Submitted Time Sheets

  Define Work Types in Time Sheet: Various work types 'Client work', 'Personal', 'Administration work', ‘Out Office Duty’ or Documentation’

  Define Groups and within Groups Multiple Clients

  Define Clients with Comprehensive details of KYC, Billing Instructions, and Reference etc.

  Define Industry Vertical and Specialization- Based Teams with Team Heads

  Define Client based Projects/Matters/Tasks

  Unique Project/ Matter/ Task Code allocated by the system.

  Define team to a Project/Matter/Task

  Define Comprehensive Fee Details for the Project/Matter/Task

  Get an at-a-glance overview of the timesheets for all people configured to submit a timesheet for approval as:

o Pending Approvals
o Incomplete Transactions
o Returned Transactions, and
o Approved Transactions

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