Ship Materials Management System

(ASP.Net based System to manage Material Onboard all Ships and Submarines commissioned with Indian Navy through comprehensive Business Process management)

This system manages materials onboard ships which is managed through a ship based server where material demands are being generated and which is synced to the Command Server through an automated utility when ship anchors at the command port.

There are well laid Business Processes to procure, Stock and Consume inventories onboard ships at Indian Navy. These business processes have been digitized and have been incorporated in this system.

Authentication of each transactions happens at various levels and digital document moves are controlled through well-defined ‘Authority Norms’ and ‘Item Based Consumption Patterns’

Projects done along with Business Partners:

  Marine Insurance Management System
(Java, J2EE)

A centrally controlled insurance solution to avoid interruptions to the business through third-party liability claims

Manage risks and handle claims, by maintaining survey and risk advising documents

Offer Automation of the insurance process by providing common processes and interfaces to users.

When faced with a claim, the marine insurer should come up with speedy solutions.

The application has a comprehensive document management module. Various insurance components can contain PDF or other documents, both generated and uploaded.

  A Comprehensive HR Management System
Mumbai Dockyard - Indian Navy

(Java, Struts)

The application consists of following modules:

• Fresh Appointment
• Transfer within dockyard
• Confirmation of permanent appointment
• On Promotion /Joining dockyard on Transfer
• Promotion / Transfer out of dockyard
• Promotion within dockyard
• Declaration to other backward class
• Change of name
• Handicapped employee
• Declaration to Schedule Tribe
• Conversion to be Buddhist religion to be deemed as member of schedule caste
• Declaration to Schedule Caste
• Superannuation
• Resignation from service
• Re-designation
• Medically unfit
• Death of employee
• Missing of employee
• Voluntary retirement
• Termination
• Compulsory Retirement
• Transferred from dockyard
• Qualified to next post after DQE
• Publication of MACP eligible
• Grant of sports increment
• Grant of family planning allowance
• Pay Fixation on promotion
• Pay Fixation on Appointment
• Pay Fixation on MACP
• Pay Fixation VI th pay commission
• Punishment Major(Industrial/Non Industrial)
• Punishment Minor (Industrial/Non Industrial)
• Travelling Allowance of Ty Duty on Deputation
• Travelling Allowance of Retirement
• Qualifying typing speed test
• Trade allocation on promotion of unskilled labour