Swift authorizExpense

A comprehensive system to manage Organization wide expenses through effective transaction based budget system tuned separately for ‘Corporates’ and ‘Not for Profit’ organizations having multiple offices.

  The system manages organization expenses through well-defined ‘Authority Norms’.

  Offers controls through ‘Centralized and Cost Center based budgets'.

  Up-to 8 Tier Approval Matrix for each transaction.

  Work-flows based on Monitory controls

  Offers Unlimited Branches and Zonal office controls.

  Separate Approval Matrix for Branch Office/Zonal Office and Head Office.

  Comprehensive Contract Management.

  Employee Based Expense Management.

    o Travel Expenses
    o Personal Advances, Adjustments & Reimbusements
    o Current Working Expenses
    o Medical Expenses

  CAPEX – Capital Goods & Services Purchase

The system is a browser based application which can be used on a cloude installation or on a central server which has organization wide usage.

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The Client and their Business Requirements

The Client is the India Chapter of a very popular Austrian Not for Profit Organization which specializes in orphan child care and livelihood the country. They have and manage more than 40 pan India establishments which house the orphan children who are being taken care by mothers, coworkers and mentors. Each establishment has as many as 200 children.

Project Challenges

Prior to the project envision most of the work was being done either through manual processes and or Excel Sheets. The client had specific requirements to design a Business and Work Flow around documents which had certain challenges such as -

  • The client had many business processes which posed challenge of designing them into digital processes and interrelate each to have a unified MIS.

  • The workflows and organizational structure was different in children establishments and in National Office and allied offices

  • The required software was to have different objectives and interface for different level of people in the workflow

  • The software had to support real-time collaboration between different level people using the software

  • In between, the client requested massive enhancements which we had to build into the software without changing the overlaying software structure decided initially

  • Many Data imports and exports from and to third party applications were required to be coded to avoid data entry duplication and errors

The UNILINK Solution

After understanding the client's exact requirements, and having innumerable number of discussions we devised the following solution in order to ensure the software featured with all the requested suggestions -

  • Multiple User Level logins were provided in order to bring in user level work flows

  • Varied type of Requisition Formats encompassing all type of Expenses at every level of the operations.

  • For ease of operations following four levels were introduced:

    • Initiator / Coworker

    • Accountant

    • Middle Management

    • Zonal Management

    • National Office Senior Management

  • Using the software, project members could create requisitions for regular expenses which then moves to the next level through a pre-defined Approval Matrix

  • For Each level specific MIS reports can be generated which gives operational level visibility all the stakeholders


The result was overwhelming and eventually every expense including regular and budgeted like Travel, Salaries, Children Monthly Allowances, Children Education and Children Welfare etc or nonbudgeted is being monitored and controlled through this software. Whole organization has virtually become paper less and even cheques are being printed through the software. We have incorporated cheque designs of almost all banks available in India. The client was extremely satisfied with the overall project quality, and recommended us to other similar organizations and we have got few more assignments from them.